VST and Audio Workstation for live and the studio

AudioStation is the most powerful and versatile player for VST instruments and effects built to date! It is even more, too...

AudioStation can be used in many situations both live and in the studio, thanks to the integration of a powerful CPU, multiple audio and MIDI inputs and outputs, microphone preamplifiers and an operative system expressely built and tailored for real-time audio signal processing and compatible with every audio application written for Windows.



Live Performance

AudioStation console offers everything a musician or a whole band needs to perform live:

  • Powerful Multi-Instrument VST Player
  • VST Multi-FX Rack
  • Advanced MIDI Patchbay
  • Performance Digital Audio Recorder
  • VST and audio Digital Mixer
  • Multi-Track Digital Audio Player

You simply install your favourite VST plugins to have at your fingertips every synthesizer, piano, organ, sampler, guitar and bass amplifier, effect and dynamic processors you ever wanted.

Thus one or more people can perform with plugins of instruments, effects and amplifier simulators, mixing signals, playing music tracks and recording performance using nothing but a single device, versatile, light and easy to carry, to which connect microphones, instruments, master keyboards and MIDI percussive pads.

AudioStation live console is useful in many other circumstances...



Rehearsal room

For many bands it is difficult to find an acoustically insulated space to play without bothering the neighbors. Main noise sources are avoided by using percussive pads with drum samples and guitar and bass amplifier simulators: hence a whole band can play everywhere, even in a house.


Effects Rack for the studio and FOH

Thanks to the rich supply of audio inputs and outputs and the possibility to independently activate many dynamic processors and VST effects, AudioStation can be used to process signals from a mixing deck in studio and live, replacing or integrating the traditional outboard of hardware effects.


Sound expander for the studio

AudioStation is also a powerful multi-timbre and multi-part expander with nearly unlimited sound possibilities, with which you can create incredible mixtures of sounds and effects that can be used with the same ease in recordings as well as live.


MIDI Patchbay for the studio

The many MIDI inputs and outputs and an advanced system for MIDI routing, mapping and processing allow you to use AudioStation as a MIDI patchbay as well, for controlling devices in the studio.


DAW for recording

Perfectly equipped and configured for recording voices, instruments and MIDI, AudioStation can also be used like a Digital Audio Workstation for production, multi-track digital audio recording, editing and post-production.

You simply install your favourite software, such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, Wavelab, Sound Forge, Live or other, with no need for further external hardware devices.

Thus you don’t need to buy a device for live performances and a computer for the recording studio. With a single versatile device you can fulfill both needs.



System Maintenance

This is an operative environment for the maintenance of the device, where, by simply pressing one key, even non-expert users can perform these operations:

  • restore factory default settings
  • clone installations into the back-up hard-disk and vice versa
  • wipe the file system in case of shocks or free falls.

Standard Environment

Another completely independent operative environment allows you to use AudioStation like a traditional computer for activities like word processing, graphics, web or any other, with no risk to the AudioStation audio/musical functionality.