AudioStation is successfully employed by soloist musicians, bands, orchestras and sound engineers, live and in studio, to cover a wide range of needs.

Among its users there’s plenty of acclaimed artists:


Christian Rigano

Christian Rigano was born in Gorizia april, 11 1975. He begins playing at ten, fascinated by synthesizers and by bands like Depeche Mode and Duran Duran.
His first remarkable gigs come with Elisa in 1997 during the "Pipes and Flowers" tour; with her he records the singles "Cure me", "Almeno tu nell'universo", "Swan" and the albums "Lotus" and "L'Anima Vola".
In 2001 he starts collaborating with Tiziano Ferro with whom he plays in all the tours from 2002 to 2012 and records the albums "111", "Nessuno è Solo" ,"Alla Mia Età", "L'Amore è Una Cosa Semplice" and unprecedented published in "TZN the best of Tiziano Ferro".

Christian Rigano thumb up


He meets Lorenzo Jovanotti in 2005, with him he plays in many European festivals, in the States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and in the Italian tours "Buon Sangue", "Safari", "Ora", "Backup/Lorenzo negli Stadi 2013" and "Lorenzo negli Stadi 2015".
With Lorenzo he is co-author of the songs "Sabato", "L'Estate Addosso", "Musica".
In studio he worked with many artists: Jovanotti, Elisa, Tiziano Ferro, Giorgia, Eros Ramazzotti, Luca Carboni, Max Pezzali, Giusy Ferreri, Nina Zilli, Adriano Celentano, Biagio Antonacci, Patty Pravo, Francesca Michielin, Marco Mengoni, Loredana Errore, Irene Fornaciari...

I've choosen AudioStation because it's very powerful, fast, and easy to use and it allows me to use live all of the Virtual Instruments and Plug-Ins that I usually use in studio

Christian Rigano, june 2016

Christian Rigano equipment desktop


Christian Rigano equipment rack

Christian introduces AudioStation

Christian Rigano Audiostation Video


Lorenzo talks about AudioStation

Lorenzo Audiostation Video

Logo EverForthright


Ever Forthright is a progressive metal band from one of the most musically diverse places in the world: New York City.
Artfully fusing modern jazz, progressive metal, hip-hop, electronica, and other styles of music into an auditory landscape is one of the reasons why Ever Forthright are quickly becoming known as true architects of modern music.
Most of the members have attended and/or graduated from some of the top jazz performance schools in the world.

William of EverForthright


Ever Forthright is a 6 piece band that simultaneously use the Seelake Audiostation for live performances.
It runs the multiple VST's and plug-ins for guitars, bass, keyboards, and bass drum trigger. The Audiostation even changes these patches automatically so the band can strictly focus on their performance.
They also use it as a digital mixer to give everyone in the band their own, easily customizable IEM mix.

Since everything runs through the Seelake Audiostation, they record live performances with the push of a single button to listen back to later in perfect quality. These recordings can be used to easily make a video/dvd of live performances.

AudioStation is one of only a few units the band requires for a live performance, only one power outlet is required and set up takes next to no time at all.

Ever Forthright, january 2014

How Ever Forthright use AudioStation

Ever Forthright Video


Logo Subsonica


Amidst many artist stands out the name of a particularly important musician... BOOSTA, histrionic and eclectic keyboardist of SUBSONICA, the most important italian electro-rock band, who since 2008 has choosen AudioStation to create and reproduce live articulated and very refined sounds!

first version


2011 version


without monitor


with monitor

AudioStation has made my life simpler. It’s easy to program, it’s reliable, takes little space and has an intuitive interface. It allows me to quickly have on my keyboard any sound I need, from most sophisticated strings to my last synth, and with the supplied Remote Controller I can manage plugins and my favourite Virtual Instruments in real time, giving me more freedom and creativity during the performance.

Boosta, may 2008

Boosta talks about AudioStation...

Boosta Interview Video


Bloody Beetroots logo


Bloody Beetroots is Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, the Italian producer born the same year as punk rock.

Its EP Cornelius was in the Top 100 International iTunes downloads.

His "electro-punk" band, Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77, with drummer Battle and Tommy Tea (controllers) is capable of turning a gig for thousands of fans into a political rally /empowerment seminar.

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, for your pleasure.

His productions can be also heard in some episodes of the very world famous CSI Miami television series, and in Skins, Rampart, FIFA 09, NBA 2K9 and Need For Speed.

As remixer he has worked with Timbaland, Britney Spears, The Killers and many more.

Together with Dennis Lyxzen, leader of the punk band Refusedhe, is also the founder of the socio-cultural movement called "Church of Noise".

Audiostation is one of the most versatile live machines ever. I have been using it for one year to reproduce on stage all the sounds I usually program in studio.

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, november 2011

The Bloody Beetroots Live with AudioStation at Rock am Ring 2013

The Bloody Beetroots and AudioStation ad Rock AM RIng 2013